Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect Mailserver

Kerio Connect MailServer is a messaging and collaboration suite designed to help organizations work smarter and not harder. Kerio MailServer is easy to administer, reliable, integrates with your existing security infrastructure and is a smart and less costly alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Optimizing User Efficiency
Kerio MailServer helps increase productivity by offering features like Microsoft Exchange but without the high IT burden and administration cost.

Specially designed for networks with little or no IT staff, Kerio MailServer is easy to install and easy to administer. It is a robust solution with comprehensive features to provide complete email and collaboration package. Kerio MailServer can optionally authenticate users to Microsoft Active Directory, Apple Open Directory, Open LDAP, or to its internal database.

Kerio WebMail
Available in 16 languages, Kerio WebMail is a full-featured email client that is comparable to desktop clients. Users can send and receive messages, lookup contacts in multiple address books, schedule meetings, edit notes, share calendars and receive meeting notifications.

Email Clients – Windows & Mac Friendly
Windows users have the option to use Microsoft Outlook, or Windows Mail and Calendar in Windows Vista. Getting more out of Outlook, users’ data is centralized on the server so it can be accessed from Kerio WebMail or a mobile device while out of the office. Custom mail filters and anti-spam whitelist are also synchronized on the server to provide a consistent experience.

Creating better collaboration between Mac and Windows users, Kerio MailServer provides extensive support for Microsoft Entourage, Apple Mail, Apple Address Book and Apple iCal. Free to use the browser of choice, Mac users can get a full featured web mail experience with Safari or Firefox.

Mobile Email
Kerio MailServer actively pushes email to the latest smartphones and synchronizes contacts, calendars and tasks. Field workers can receive the latest email and meeting invitation and stay connected even on the go. Users have the option to choose from Windows Mobile®, Treo Palm OS, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, or Symbian using Mail for Exchange or DataViz’s RoadSync client. In event the phone is lost or stolen, Kerio Smart Wipe can delete all sensitive data on Windows Mobile® and Symbian devices.